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The journey of working along with Studendly towards the attainment of my study permit was a fruitful one. The team has the client at heart and offered diverse options that was best tailored to suit me. I especially loved the consistent meetings to discuss the progress of the application, and attentiveness to detail. I would highly recommend engaging their services to anyone with intentions of immigrating to Canada. It is worth it!

Karen - Ghana

With Studendly you can drop the wheel and have them handle it all. I got a top notch service, breakdown of all I need to do as regards Canadian immigration, expectations based on age and skills, where I can begin, my alternatives. Their professionalism stands out, thank you.

Aderayo - Nigeria

From the moment I had my first call, I knew Studendly was the right choice to help with my Canadian dreams, after having dealt with others. I chose the end-to-end processing study option. With this option the Shirah team does everything and guides you on what documents are needed. One week after my school application was submitted, I received my acceptance letter. Next step was the study visa application, in which I got back a response in 3 weeks with an approval!!! I am filled with so much gratitude and appreciation towards the entire Shirah team who worked towards my application, and I am also honored to be their first client from Trinidad and Tobago. My advice to all of you that are considering Canada; Choose Shirah, as they are well equipped to assist you on your journey.

Kyron - Trinidad and Tobago


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